Lawn Care and Fertilization in East Gull Lake 

For over 30 years, Turf Care Inc. has provided the best-in-class lawn care in East Gull Lake. We are a local, family-owned business that serves you and your yard care needs at your convenience. Our professionals in East Gull Lake understand the city’s seasons and weather patterns that affect your turf to offer you the best treatment. We’re here to help you keep your lawn healthy and beautiful.

Our licensed lawn care professionals offer a five-step lawn fertilization program to nurture your yard and maintain good health. The five-step program applies to different points in the seasons and goes as follows:


  • Spring: As the weather starts to warm up, our lawn care technicians use a slow-release fertilizer to encourage growth and bring color to your yard after the winter months. We also use spot spray to get rid of weeds as needed. 
  • Early Summer: We use a slow-release fertilizer with enzymes to feed plants the necessary nutrients as the summer starts. To get rid of weeds, our technicians use blanket spray.
  • Summer: To protect plants from the summer heat, we use a slow-release fertilizer and soil amendments. 
  • Late Summer: Turf Care Inc. uses a balanced fertilizer to increase root development and thicken the turf to prepare for the colder weather. As weeds appear, we use blanket weed spray to eliminate them.
  • Fall: As the weather starts to cool and prepare for the winter months, our technicians use nutrients to protect plants against the cold and stimulate their growth for the Spring. We also use spot spray on weeds, such as Creeping Charlie and Wild Violet, that are more difficult to eliminate. 

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Aeration and Seeding in East Gull Lake

Aeration and seeding are important components when it comes to lawn care. During the Summer and hotter months, your turf may be compacted, which stops the roots from getting the nutrients they need to grow and stay vigorous

core aeration machinery

With our lawn aeration and seeding services in East Gull Lake, you can expect the following:


  • Better air exchange
  • Less soil compaction
  • Better fertilizer and nutrient intake
  • Healthier and stronger roots
  • Less water runoff

Fungicide in East Gull Lake

Brown patches, leaf spots, red thread, and other fungi can quickly grow in yards and severely damage your turf. Unfortunately, it likely won’t go away on its own. This is why we offer our fungicide treatment services in East Gull Lake. Here at Turf Care Inc, our technicians get rid of the fungi damage and bring your lawn back to a healthy state.

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Mosquito and Tick Control in East Gull Lake 

Mosquitos and ticks are nuisances all year round, leaving us with itchy, annoying bug bites. They can also spread dangerous diseases, including malaria, ehrlichiosis, and Lyme disease, that endanger the lives of our friends and family. Mosquito control in East Gull Lake is crucial to keep the pests away so you can stay safe and enjoy your time outdoors. mosquito swarm

Turf Care provides a five-application mosquito and tick control program to eliminate these pests so you can reclaim your yard. Our program eliminates existing pests, prevents them from entering your area, and effectively fights them off, so they stay out of your way. Our program starts in the Spring, and we reapply the treatment every 21 days during the Summer to fight off the increased presence of mosquitoes and ticks during that season. Don’t let mosquitoes and ticks harm you or your household. Instead, let Turf Care Inc help!

Lawn Pest Control in East Gull Lake 

In addition to mosquitos and ticks, pests such as aphids, mites, and scale insects are also dangerous to your home. They can spread scabies, potyvirus, and other diseases that harm you and destroy your yard. A pest infestation can discolor and wilt your plants, which can stunt growth in your yard and undo all your hard work to keep it healthy.

Turf Care offers an insecticide program to get rid of these pests and keep them off your turf. Our perimeter pest control program eliminates insects from the exterior and perimeter of your home so you can keep your yard healthy and safe. We’re here to help you save money and ease the stress by stopping the bugs from damaging your property, so contact Turf Care today to get started!

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Keep your yard and yourself safe and healthy with our lawn care and pest control treatments in East Gull Lake. We know the importance of lawn care in East Gull Lake, so work with our experts to reclaim your yard and enhance your curb appeal today. When you prepay for annual service, you’ll save 5% off on your service. Call us today, and let us help you keep your lawn beautiful and healthy. 

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